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Comfortable design with Egoitaliano colourful poufs

Our colourful poufs are not just simple furnishings, but focal points in your living room. Shapes, fabrics and colours are the result of skilful research based on Made in Italy craftsmanship, and give your living area the edge it needs. After all, colour and design are the pairing at the core of Egoitaliano’s philosophy. Our aim is to add functionality, style and personality to your home.

Colour, style, and quality: choose your pouf

The colourful poufs we design and produce combine modern living needs with craftsmanship and practicality.
If you want to give your living room a cocooning touch, add Cakepop, a comfortable and cosy pouf in leather, fabric or microfibre.

To meet style expectations as well as optimise the space in your home, we have come up with an extremely practical solution: QQ inspired by German Bauhaus architecture. This piece is a surprise right from its name: it’s pronounced “cuckoo” and it turns from a pouf into an armchair, two furnishing solutions in a single, practical, and innovative object that prioritises comfort without sacrificing style. Its particular structure is designed to meet the requirements of apartment living and space optimisation. It can be upholstered in leather, microfibre or fabric, with colours and patterns that are always versatile and elegant.

If you want to enhance neutral colours, spacious and minimalist spaces, what’s better than an accent note? The colourful poufs from the Tonder series are design gems that fit perfectly into a postmodern space. They have added storage, which makes them ideal as magazine holders or functional toy baskets in children’s rooms, thanks to a metal lid secured with clips. The variety of colours and fabrics available will blend well with all the nuances of your home, breaking up the minimalism of your living room with graphic and optical patterns and eye-catching colour palettes.

Ultra pop design, urban influences

But Egoitaliano’s range of colourful poufs doesn’t end there. Flower, with its essential and urban design, lets you mix colours and create the combination you prefer; Yuki’s ultra-pop design – like something out of a Roy Lichtenstein painting, with a distinctive micro-cell structure in high-tech fabric and contrasting Lycra piping – will add a creative and funky touch to your living room.