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Proud to be younger,

since 2007.

We design and produce in Italy coloured, innovative, customizable sofas, armchairs and furnishing accessories.

Born in Matera in 2007, we are present in the most important markets in the world with a differentiation strategy which is based on Made in Italy and on relax mechanisms that make seats’ motion possible.

Our design is contamination and it comes from astonishment. All that happens in fashion and street style’s worlds fascinates us and sets in motion our  aesthetic research. Our design is a moving design towards people, towards all that is around us, towards future.


Our Made in Italy is authentic. All products are produced in the lucanian and apulian territory and all the used materials are selected with care and passion. Like a custom tailored suit, made by master artisans, each product is completely customisable in covering, details and functions, by adjusting itself to everyone’s stylistic and project needs.

egoitaliano TAILORING
egoitaliano TAILORING
egoitaliano TAILORING
egoitaliano COLOUR
egoitaliano COLOUR
egoitaliano COLOUR


Colour is our poetry, it goes beyond furniture world to influence people’s life styles. Funny, abstract, pop, fashion, symbolic act that interprets the world, the colour is our collections’ protagonist with more than 550 shades of leather and fabrics.

egoitaliano INNOVATION


Ogni anno investiamo grandi risorse nella ricerca e nello sviluppo di soluzioni tecnologiche che rendono il nostro design innovativo. Le nostre sedute motorizzate possono essere dotate su richiesta di batteria a litio e possono essere azionate e regolate direttamente tramite l’app mobile Ego Move. Tra gli investimenti importanti che stiamo sostenendo in ambito tecnologico c’è il Configuratore 3D, uno strumento imprescindibile per i rivenditori e i professionisti della casa e del design.




Each Egoitaliano collection is created here, in Matera, in the heart of Murgia furniture district. With an industrial style and two floors, our headquarters of more than 4000 sqm is the creative and administrative heart of our company:  it hosts the Centro Stile  in a big open space, the Prototype’s department, the Customer Care and the Commercial and Administrative Offices.