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The Journey of Design: Nordic style living room with an Italian heart

An eclectic, original and vintage collection. Nordic style sofas and armchairs whose names can be found on the maps of the Scandinavian peninsula.
Clean, minimalist style, Scandinavian design and all the craftsmanship of Egoitaliano: The Journey of Design is for all lovers of geometric lines and a typically Nordic welcome.

Scandinavian-style sofa, total customisation

In the collection, Kogens, our Scandinavian-style sofa, can be customised both in its finishes and configuration to best express Egoitaliano’s philosophy: to create colourful, innovative and customisable furniture.
Kogens’ modules can be combined creatively to best meet your space and style requirements. Elegant, tailored and with surprising details, the Nordic-style Kogens sofa is perfect when matched with the Bergen coffee table: not just a simple support surface but a design object that incorporates a handy multifunctional pocket and a pull-out tray. A guaranteed wow factor.

Nordic style mood, Italian craftsmanship

The Journey of Design’s Nordic style is highlighted by Egoitaliano’s meticulous attention to detail and the passion we put into creating design furniture that combines fun, fashion, and the craftsmanship that sets us apart. This makes every one of our pieces unique, just like our clients.