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Colourful and eclectic design coffee tables for your living room

Attention to detail is the common denominator of every piece of furniture and accessory made by Egoitaliano. We design and produce young, colourful and pop living room furniture. Our innovative sofas and armchairs feature high-tech relaxation mechanisms that can be customised thanks to a broad choice of upholstery, details and functions. They are the heart of your living area, to which design coffee tables can be added to complete the look.

Style and functionality

The collection of coffee tables by Egoitaliano includes Scandinavian, modern and minimalist style models, where clean lines and metal create a sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for urban lofts, as well as furnishings with a vintage feel and unexpected functionality, such as Bergen: its top surface can be in leather or fabric, and the latter becomes a pocket for storing magazines or other objects. The top is also complemented by a tray that cleverly conceals the pocket, and can be used for a range of purposes.

Design and functionality are the key words that inspire our projects: for example, Sylt, a coffee table that turns into a pouf, or Lido, a Scandinavian-style coffee table that turns into a footrest or an extra seat when needed.

Pinocchio blends fancy and design: a coffee table with an integrated lamp that can be placed next to the sofa or to an armchair, for example, to create a perfect reading nook. Ingenious, funky and unexpected.

Design coffee tables to complete your living room

Solid and lightweight, with clean lines and multiple functions, the coffee tables designed by Egoitaliano will best complement the sofa and armchairs in your living area.
And for a striking effect, why not try combining two or more tables that are different in shape and style, but perhaps share the same finish or fabric?
Daring and experimenting to express your personality: this is why Egoitaliano offers you a collection of design coffee tables to create a sophisticated, unexpected environment — just like your personality.