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Unconventional design furniture for versatile living rooms

egomag egoitaliano Unconventional design furniture for versatile living rooms

The latest furnishing trends speak for themselves: copy-paste houses with the same colours and details are out, and unleashing creativity is in.

How does this translate into everyday life? In choosing original and innovative furniture and furnishing accessories which not only create unconventional design interiors that are distinctive, but also make the rooms of your home more functional and versatile.

The living area, your home’s beating heart

This is even more true for the living area, which is really the heart of the home: this is where you welcome guests for a drink or a chat, relax while reading a book or watching a film, and maybe even get some work done.

You may be wondering how to do all these things in one room, but the answer is simpler than you might think: it comes to choosing unconventional design furniture for versatile living.

Think back for a moment to an extraordinary situation such as the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown: you may have been forced to work from home and use part of your living room as an office. But without bringing up such an extreme case, it is a fact that most of your domestic activities are concentrated in the living area, and so you might as well make it as multipurpose as possible: it should be able to adapt to your lifestyle and change function from time to time, but without disrupting the overall décor.

This may sound like an impossible task, but not if you rely on smart, state-of-the-art furnishing solutions that can help you accomplish any task while maintaining a colourful, trendy design. All this with a nod to the glamour, fashion and comfort that are the founding values of Egoitaliano.

A sofa that is not just a sofa

When it comes to the living area, we can’t forget about seating, the star of our environment: sofas poufs and armchairs that are welcoming and functional, but also young and colourful, able to complement modern furnishings and stand out within more neutral contexts.

Arredo di design non convenzionale con la poltrona Shalla e la lampada Trilly, EgoitalianoFor example the Zago sofa is not just a sofa. Consisting of a steel base with ample, soft and comfortable seats, perfect for a movie night, reading or receiving guests, Zago surprises with its multifunctional details: the armrest hides a surprise bookshelf compartment, while the back of the sofa contains shelves that optimize the space in your home and can fit anything you want.

But that’s not all: there are also two integrated side tables, ideal as storage for magazines, remote controls, lamps and even decorative items; and if you move the cushions around, Zago also becomes an extra bed for guests.

See what we mean by multitasking furniture? This multifunctional sofa is a clear example; moreover, it’s available in either leather or fabric, in as many colours as you wish from more than 500 available finishes, so that it can match your existing furniture or boldly stand out.

The indoor/outdoor armchair with striking design

But the sofa, while important, is not everything when it comes to living room furniture: there are other important details that can give the room a special touch. For example, the Shalla chaise longue  soft and graceful and with its comfortable seat, is perfect for relaxing indoors, but not only that.

Its structure is made of steel, so it is virtually non-deformable through either use or time and, thanks to the upholstery (leather, fabric or microfibre), it’s an armchair with a graceful and welcoming design that will quickly become a focal point for the eyes of your guests, who will be also stunned by how comfortable it is.

With this chaise longue you can enhance your living room, but if you also have a veranda or a terrace, Shalla can become the protagonist of your outdoor relaxation — a multifunctional complement suitable for both indoor and outdoor furnishing.

The complement that plays with multiple functions

Multifunctionality is the red thread that ties many of Egoitaliano’s products together, including the Trilli lamp a striking design object that incorporates three distinct products. Its geometric metal frame contains two marble-effect ceramic tops, which, when pulled apart, become two small tables independent from the lamp. And so what might look like a simple lamp can be transformed according to the occasion, becoming not only a source of light, but also a storage surface or a side table with just a few simple moves.

The Trilli lamp is a furnishing accessory designed for the living area that can play various roles; but it would also be perfect in the office and even in the bedroom, bringing light and style wherever you decide to place it.

These examples illustrate how careful design can make every room versatile and special, with original and unpredictable solutions, for a colourful, fun home that can be re-invented every day.

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