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The best sofa with relaxation mechanism? Choose the one that suits your style

egomag egoitaliano The best sofa with relaxation mechanism? Choose the one that suits your style

Electric mechanism, manual mechanism, or both?

 When looking for a sofa, the key word is comfort, but above all personality. The sofa should reflect our tastes and style, but how do we choose the one that provides the maximum comfort? The solution is a sofa with a relaxation mechanism to ensure maximum well-being with minimum effort. Through a simple touch, the relax sofa with electric or manual mechanisms increases or decreases the depth of the seat, raises or lowers the height of the backrest, and lifts and opens the footrest. The result? A degree of relaxation tailored to you!

Choose electric or manual relaxation, for an experience of absolute relax

Divano relax Arnold, EgoitalianoThe Beverly sofa is a perfect example of absolute relaxation! Fall in love with a solid, geometric design; its elegance is available in the combined version with manual and electric relaxation mechanisms, or in the version with a double electric mechanism.

The first version, Beverly1, combines electric mechanisms to adjust the height of the footrest and comfortably rest your legs, while the headrest has a manual mechanism to conveniently adjust its height. In the other version, Beverly2, the controls are both electric and touch screen and conveniently placed beside you, between the seat and the side. Technology can assist you for a complete experience, with the Bluetooth facility that lets you manage the Beverly2’s relaxation functions via the “Ego-Move” mobile app.

If you’re looking for an even more spacious seat, Mixtape is the ideal solution that combines aesthetics and ingenuity: spacious and welcoming Mixtape combines electric relaxation functions for the seats and manual ones for the headrests. And that’s not all: mixing is also about the multi-functionality of this sofa, which can become a convenient sofa bed for watching a film together, but also for having friends or guests stay over.

Another trick? You can use the convenient storage of the chaise lounge element to hold your items, a great space- and time-saving feature. 


When comfort and practicality meet style


Do you prefer industrial style, but don’t want to compromise on comfort? The Gaia sofa is for you! Defined by clean lines, wide seats and slender metal legs that frame the armrests, the Gaia sofa is equipped with an electric mechanism. For the side seats, the control is located on the outer side of the armrest, while for the central seats the touch control is located between them.

Continuing on the theme of style and comfort, the Kuby sofa is a timeless design star that fits perfectly into contemporary environments to ensure maximum comfort.

The Kuby sofa is equipped in its relax version with electric mechanisms for adjusting the seats and headrests, which let you increase the length of the seat at will, use the adjustable footrest, and raise the headrests.

 All thanks to an innovative system patented by Egoitaliano itself. The relaxation mechanisms are all independent of each other, which means you can create the level of comfort closest to your… personality!

Divano relax Kuby, EgoitalianoIf you prefer a refined and glamorous mood, you can opt for characteristic and distinctive elements such as the matt black varnished metal legs of the Arnold sofa.

This sofa is characterised by a structure that combines footrest and backrest movements, which can be easily adjusted via the electric function.

Available in a variety of upholstery options, Arnold is embellished with a decorative pull-out mechanism that adds originality.


Relaxation and customisation


The relaxation mechanism, whether electric or manual, is designed specifically to remain within the dedicated space and ensure maximum visual appeal without being cumbersome. It’s much more than a piece of furniture, to create your own special spot in your place called home.

Choosing a relaxing experience is the first rule for enjoying quality time in your favourite space. This is why Egoitaliano ensures products in line with your various needs and styles. These products can then be customised to achieve the perfect declination of relaxation, combining materials, workmanship and details most suited to your style.

Because at Egoitaliano your relaxation is a priority, and customisation is a must.



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