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The KUBY sofa is characterized by a square and contemporary design perfectly fitting with modern environments. In the relax version, the seats are equipped with electric mechanisms that increase by 14 centimeters the sofa seat depth and open the footrest. The moving headboards, also available in a fixed version, are newly designed and provide a comfortable support for the head when in the lifted position.
Available in leather, fabric or microfiber, thanks to the independence of the relax elements, this sofa offers endless possibilities of comfort as well as a great presence embellished by the detail of the piping and the rod stitching.

COVERING: leather, fabric or microfiber.
FEET: 4 cm black ABS.


in the relax version, the model is equipped with an electric mechanism both in the seats and in the headboards. The seats are equipped with mechanical sequential function that allows you to increase the depth of the seat by 14 cm and to open the footrest. The relax elements are always detached from the fixed ones and are hooked with a special bayonet system. In the fixed versions without relax, there is the motorized ratchet in the headboards.