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FLIP project: long-term rental initiative for circular furniture

egomag egoitaliano FLIP project: long-term rental initiative for circular furniture

Egoitaliano embraces the circular economy and eco-sustainable design

Sustainability, circular economy, and a focus on the person who chooses Egoitaliano products are the three main pillars of our strategy. These three central concepts meet and overlap in regard to many contemporary issues, and effectively encapsulate our company’s orientation to design and movement, understood as movement towards people, towards our surroundings, and towards the future.

Furnishing becomes circular, in collaboration with Compass Rent

Project Flip, EgoitalianoTherefore, Egoitaliano in collaboration with Compass Rent is launching the Flip project: the first long-term sofas rental initiative that supports circular economy.

Specifically, you’ll be able to rent a sofa for 40 months, and at the end of that time decide whether to pay it off or return it for a new one.  In this way you can choose an Egoitaliano sofa that is in line with your style, and if you change your mind or your decorating vibe, you can simply return it and choose a different model.

At the heart of the project are the people who choose Egoitaliano: in addition to the endless colour combinations of materials and finishes, you will also be able to change the sofa model because, for example, you have moved house and the spaces are different, or because your style or tastes have changed, or you feel like something new. Returned products will be refurbished and put back on the market to give them a second life, paying special attention to all the services required for this virtuous circle.

Not just renting: circularity invests in other important aspects

The circular furnishing approach proposed by Egoitaliano takes into account not only the needs of the individual, but also those of the community, an essential connection when it comes to sustainability.

The products will be refurbished and then put back on the market, avoiding disposal costs and environmental implications. Moreover, any damaged parts will also be refurbished, for a complete restoration.

What about scraps? We have thought of this too and will activate collaborations with designers and organizations in the field of eco-sustainable design.

Design on the move towards the future, to take care of the future

Egoitaliano is colour, it is design and movement, and is also taking care of the future. We believe that as a company we must be increasingly responsible for the entire production and life cycle of our products: the future should be considered and imagined starting from the raw materials, and throughout the entire journey our products make after being chosen.

The added value of Egoitaliano? It is the integration of craftsmanship and design in the circular furnishing project, taking advantage of the great tailoring skills of our workers and training new ones, paying attention to sustainability and the circularity of design.

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