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Who says that relax armchairs are for old people?

egomag egoitaliano Who says that relax armchairs are for old people?

Quality design in a variety of colours and, of course, comfortable: these relax armchairs were made for you


Poltrona relax Mira, EgoitalianoIn the collective imagination we think of relax armchairs as just for the elderly: this is because we only tend to think of them as a means of support for those with reduced mobility. Of course, this is a widespread and important use for them, but to think it’s the only one is reductive and simplistic: it is absolutely not the case!

Owning a relax armchair means having an appliance that can pamper you every single day, perhaps a moment for yourself after a stressful day at work. And the comfort it gives you has nothing to do with age. It goes without saying that this type of armchair is extremely useful for those with reduced mobility or special needs, but clearly they are desired and loved by people of all ages.

Besides being convenient and comfortable, important features undoubtedly, Egoitaliano’s relax armchairs are genuine design objects. Their style is elegant and eclectic, allowing you to embellish your interiors and enrich them with an object that combines the functional and the beautiful, successfully blending with your home’s style.


Choose the relax armchair best suited to your needs


Contrary to how it may seem, choosing the best relax armchair for your needs is neither simple nor a foregone conclusion, there are many things to consider.
First, you must ask yourself what you want to use it for: if you simply want to relax, any model will do. But if you have specific needs, some models will be more suitable than others; if you have reduced mobility, it’s a good idea to choose an armchair that can accompany your movements.

Once its purpose has been established, you should ask yourself about the aesthetic side and choose an armchair according to the intended setting: it’s important to choose a model, colour and fabric to match your other furnishings, or, better still, to embellish and complement them. Egoitaliano offers a vast range of colours, over 550, to satisfy your every need.

Once you’ve shed light on the must-have features for your relax armchair, make your choice and then purchase. Maybe you can ask advice from experienced personnel able to offer a professional perspective.


Egoitaliano relax armchairs: quality and design combined



Egoitaliano offers a variety of relax armchairs, all of the highest quality and all elegantly designed, including:

  • Nora: this is the pampering you’ve been craving, with elegant lines and two independent electric motors for moving the backrest and seat via simple controls in the armrest. The mechanism is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries, so no mains power is required. This armchair is the ideal combination of convenience, relaxation and aesthetics.
  • Mira: the Mira armchair is ideal if you’re looking for convenience and luxurious comfort. It too features elegant, minimal lines and is fitted with an electronic mechanism for moving the backrest and seat independently. Roomy and snug, its lines resemble a cinema seat, perfect for sitting back and making yourself comfortable to enjoy your film or your favourite TV series. Energy consumption is again prioritised: Mira too is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries.
  • Honey: with sophisticated, elegant lines, you’ll love being pampered by its softness and comfiness. Available in various versions, including a rocking chair to give you a moment of relaxation. One or two handy pockets for storing magazines can be fitted to the outside of the armrest on request.


Looking for comfort

Whatever the model, the watchwords for Egoitaliano have always been fusion, tailoring and glamour. Each detail is carefully analysed and selected to offer you the utmost comfort, while each product is customisable to meet your every need.

Egoitaliano is proud to say its products are made in Italy: all are manufactured in Matera, and undergo careful selection to ensure the highest quality.
There is a vast range of relax armchairs ready to meet your highest expectations.  Simply choose the armchair that will best suit your home, then sit back and relax. You deserve it.

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