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A sofa that becomes a bed: magic made possible

egomag egoitaliano A sofa that becomes a bed: magic made possible

And without sacrificing style or comfort

A sofa bed has always been the ideal solution for anyone needing flexibility or wanting to optimise the use of their space. A comfortable and cosy sofa that can be transformed into a bed in just a few moves thanks to a clever design and meticulous manufacture: these are the characteristics of Egoitaliano’s sofa bed models.

A sofa that becomes a bed or a bed that becomes a sofa?

Egoitaliano models offer you as much functionality as they do comfort: a sofa bed so cosy that you’ll feel like you’re in a real bed. Get with the times and be wowed!

If you prefer the Nordic style and its simple, essential lines and dedicated functions, your choice is the Ginzo sofa bed, with its clean and compact style. This is why it fits perfectly into any space and can be transformed into a comfortable bed whenever needed.

Ginzo is available in two practical versions: with cylindrical feet, forming part of the bed frame, or with a sliding base. The sofa slides easily thanks to the metal runners located under the armrests. The colour of the runners can be chosen from the available palettes, as can the finishes, available in different colours.

Practicality doesn’t end here: the size of the bed base and mattress can be altered and chosen to suit your needs. Furthermore, the chaise longue configuration has a convenient and practical storage compartment for stowing all your everyday items.

Do you want an even more minimalist style? The sofa bed is available in the version with 14-cm armrests.


Space is no longer a problem: a solution for every need

Divano letto con penisola, EgoitalianoWho said that a sofa bed must be uncomfortable? Forget this stereotype and enjoy all the comfort with modern and functional models. High-quality products add that extra touch to your living areas without neglecting your style.

The Mixtape sofa bed is the ideal compromise between aesthetics and ingenuity. It stands out for its wide seat that defines the space, becoming the protagonist of the environment. Mixtape becomes a practical sofa bed to accommodate friends and guests, or to enjoy more space. The multi-functionality of this sofa bed is also apparent in its hidden compartments: in the chaise longue configuration the sofa features a storage recess for the items you need most.

Want to add a touch of elegance? The Francine sofa bed is practical and comfortable, as the manual ratchet mechanisms positioned on the backrests let you convert it in the blink of an eye. In this way, absolute comfort combines aesthetics with innovative functionality and the mechanism can be opened or closed with a simple gesture. The sofa stands out for its elegant details that lend class to even the smallest of homes, thanks to its modern lines enhanced by the high metal feet.

Comfort without sacrifice: the new frontier of sofa beds

Day or night? Experience relaxation at its best at all times, without compromises.

Egoitaliano models are the answer if you are looking for a sofa that is customisable (thanks to the more than 600 finishes in leather or fabric) as well as functional and convertible in a few simple moves, with the option of configuring it to suit your specific needs.

Discover all our products and find the right balance between versatility and design!


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