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NORA is the relax armchair with customizable swivel base, allied with all your relaxing moments. Equipped with two electric motors that act independently of the seat and of the backrest, NORA is the daily cuddle to which you can’t renounce.

BASE: swivel, h 14 cm.

available in different colours.
Care and maintenance:
download here the guide.

the structure of the armchair is made of a double frame named ‘frame in frame’ with no sags springs on the seat, equipped with two electric motors which act independently of one another and actuate the movement of the backrest and the seat. The controls are located on the inner side of the armrest and include the opening/closing buttons for the seat and backrest in addition to the ‘reset’ button which brings the chair back in its initial position. The buttons light up during operation. The mechanisms operate thanks to rechargeable long-life lithium battery that allow its use also away from a power outlet. The upper part of the backrest can be reclined forward manually, via a ratchet mechanism with integrated return spring integrated into the backrest frame, thus making reading or watching TV more comfortable.