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The best companion for your custom-made sofa? A modern coffee table

egomag egoitaliano The best companion for your custom-made sofa? A modern coffee table

Minimal, industrial, or Nordic: always with surprising functionality and style

We all know how much the living room has become, over the years, the focal point of every home: this is where you relax in front of the TV or read a book; where you catch up with friends, watch movies or sporting events, perhaps share a bite; this is where your family gathers on weekends, or after dinner.
Not to mention the importance of this space during lockdown or quarantine, either as a relaxation area or as a natural extension of the office.
In other words, it’s a flexible and multifunctional space, one that changes quickly depending on need.

Therefore, a sofa that is comfortable, spacious and able to fulfil your current needs is indispensable; but what is the best companion for your custom made sofa?
Without a doubt, a modern design coffee table, one that can serve all kinds of purposes: a trendy multifunctional piece.

No more microscopic coffee tables, suitable only for a few magazines or a vase of flowers: Egoitaliano’s modern coffee tables are something else, and we are excited to introduce some of them.

Curious? Then read on: we’re sure you’ll find new ideas to rearrange your living room and change the look of your home in a few simple moves.

Living room for reading and working

Perhaps you are an avid reader, and as soon as you have a spare minute –instead of turning on the TV or a gaming console – you like to jump into another world, and travel with your imagination. Or perhaps you never get away from work and always have papers to check, sign, and draft.
Either way, you need a living room with a sofa and one or more comfortable armchairs. But you also need good lighting, so that you don’t miss a single word! But since you may not live alone, and the living room is not just your own, perhaps you need a separate area that doesn’t take over the whole room, especially if it’s on the smaller side.

What you need is a coffee table with a modern design such as Pinocchio . Call it what you want – a coffee table with an integrated lamp, a lamp inserted in a coffee table, or a coffee table with multiple personalities – it is definitely an excellent companion for your needs.
Small but hyper-functional surfaces, a direct light only where you need it, and extremely high quality materials, all with a nod to design, with character, style and grit to spare: Pinocchio is small in size, but it definitely stands out!

Living room for entertainment

Tavolino design moderno Bergen, EgoitalianoIf your living room is a place for your entertainment – alone or with friends, perhaps watching films, TV series, sporting events, or doing what you love for several hours without a break; or if you’re a gamer who can spend endless hours online, you need a coffee table with a modern design, minimalist lines, and plenty of storage for your accessories.
Our solution is the Bergen coffee table , whose Scandinavian and only seemingly severe lines hide a heart full of possibilities for your free time.
For example, its sleek top surface incorporates a tray, useful for serving drinks or snacks. Not to mention the pockets built into the structure, perfect for storing remote controls, controllers, magazines, smartphones and anything else you can think of!

A modern living room – but not too modern

Is your idea of living room modern, but with a rebellious undertone? Do you like to entertain, have people around for a drink, or do you like to show off striking designer pieces? Perhaps you prefer living room furniture and accessories that can become an unexpected rest surface, but also rapidly change function; or perhaps you love essential lines and unusual spaces.
Whatever your case, you’ll love the Planet coffee table: a gorgeous metal structure and well-defined geometric shapes, which conceal three flat planes for you and all your interests.
Tavolino design moderno in combinazione Planet, EgoitalianoYou can put it in an already styled room, and give the entire environment a futuristic look; or pair it with more classic and conventional furnishings to add an original touch of style. Planet will never be a predictable choice, and your living room will be sophisticated and surprising, just like you!

And if none of the above describes you, this doesn’t mean that a modern coffee table isn’t for you: you could combine more than one, choosing from our many options and pairing multiple styles and functions; or you could use the Egoitaliano design coffee tables to create multiple connected areas in your living room.

Since all the modern style coffee tables we have presented are available in several colours and finishes, you can either match them to their environment, or choose something in a decidedly contrasting finish, and let your taste and personality be the only unifying thread.
Because if it is true that the living area is increasingly becoming the beating heart of a home, then it’s only natural to add unique, uncommon and interesting furnishings and accessories that fully express your style.


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