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Coloured sofas? Yes, please!

egomag egoitaliano Coloured sofas? Yes, please!

How to furnish your living room with a coloured sofa to give it character and express your style

The sofa is the focal point of the living room: it is the piece of furniture that dictates the style of the room and, above all, it is the place where you spend the most time. Your sofa then should reflect your tastes, your desires and your character: it should be comfortable, practical, beautiful and… colourful!

Egoitaliano has a catalogue of amazing coloured sofas that are fresh and original, to liven up and personalise your home and your living room. From classic models that we have revisited according to our philosophy, to the fanciest and most unusual seats, Egoitaliano’s coloured sofas will surprise and captivate you.

A sofa with curved lines for a bold furniture style

Divano colorato Yuki in tessuto stretch rubino, EgoitalianoDo you want to add an extra special touch to your living room? Consider a coloured sofa. Choose a sofa in yellow, orange, red, dark pink, blue… Vibrant shades that can fit perfectly into any décor and catch the eye of your guests.

Bebop is a sofa by Egoitaliano upholstered in bi-elastic hi-tech fabric with Lycra details. It is fun and super colourful; its young and glamorous design and curved shape, available in many shades, will brighten your living room.

For a striking effect, experiment with the profiles and buttons, in contrasting colours or in the same palette, which can be chosen from the numerous coverings available. Play around with colour: add cushions in contrasting, acid shades to enrich your sofa. To Bebop upholstered in Amarena, dare to add bright green or electric blue cushions: the result will be dramatic and chromatically surprising. And don’t be afraid to be daring, the Bebop sofa is ready to take on your fancy and make it into sophisticated, subversive elegance.

For a vintage style reminiscent of the 1970s, choose YUKI, a whimsical and witty sofa. Its armchair version  is available with super-colourful, Lycra-covered legs.

Match the colour of your sofa

Pop, eclectic, fashion, neutral, and pastel shades: there are so many upholstery finishes available to colour your sofa however you like. Choose from more than 550 shades to fully express your style!
Neutral shades for a Scandinavian-style ambience, or a glamorous explosion of young, pop colours? Whatever mood you want to create in your furnishing project, at Egoitaliano we’ll be able to best advise you.
And for a total look, you can match your coloured sofa with the cushions and coffee tables that best represent your style.

Vintage colours and soul

Are you crazy about vintage? If so, a brown, brick red, or camel-coloured sofa is ideal. In terms of materials, you can opt for a velvet, quilted, or even a leather sofa to accentuate the retro effect.

A sofa in these warm and sophisticated shades is just as suitable for industrial, loft-style interiors, as it is for bohemian or hippie-chic flats: add a wood and metal coffee table or a Berber rug, and you’re done.

The YUKI sofa in the Sole shade, enhanced by Amarena finishes, is the perfect sofa for those who love vintage pieces without compromising on the practicality and comfort of more modern sofas.

A palette of colours for a completely customisable sofa

Divano colorato L'ego, EgoitalianoAre you dreaming of beautiful furniture that is contemporary, colourful, young and bright? Then choose L’ego sofa in a multicolour patchwork version. This sofa, with its two-colour ball feet and movable backrests, will surprise you with its versatility and colour combinations. For an eye-catching look, let your imagination run wild by combining the bold and eccentric colours available in the Egoitaliano collection.

A coloured sofa to define the character of your living room

Even the most neutral, anonymous room gains character and personality with a coloured sofa. Now that you have become an expert on our sofa and colour combinations, all you have to do is choose your Egoitaliano sofa.

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