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How to choose and customise a sofa for your needs

egomag egoitaliano How to choose and customise a sofa for your needs

We create your custom made design sofa to suit your needs

When it comes to sofas, there are numerous ready-made options available at any furniture store. However, if you’re looking for something unique that embodies your style and personality, a custom made design sofa  that suits your tastes and your space needs is the right choice!

Egoitaliano custom made sofas will make the perfect addition to your furniture and will complement your interiors, creating a unique, colourful, imaginative and bright environment.

The choice of the right sofa is not based on fixed criteria, but comes from the combination of practical considerations, such as the size of the room and personal taste. Sofas are an important part of our home life and the focal point of every living room: they are the place to relax after a long day at work, the place to welcome friends for a chat and a laugh, the companions of movie nights or marathons of the hottest TV series.

Although there are no limits to the design, size and fabrics for Egoitaliano’s custom sofas, there are a few factors to consider before choosing.

Let’s start with ambiance

The style of your sofa comes first! Look at the style of your home and furniture and choose a sofa that fits your desired theme. This step seems obvious, but many people simply buy what they like and, unfortunately, in most cases their preferred sofa does not suit the style of the room and furnishings.

All elements should make sense seen as a whole: only in this way a custom sofa becomes a precious, balanced piece of furniture.

Think carefully about how you want to feel when you are in the room where you place your custom-made sofa: if you want this space to be calm and quiet, choose a neutral sofa; if you want a fun and exciting room, choose a bright and colourful sofa.

Space and practicality

Divano su misura Plaza One of the most important things you should consider is the space you have and the area where you would like to place your custom made design sofa. Corner, three-seater with chaise lounge, maxi two-seater, and much more: thanks to the countless configurations of Egoitaliano sofas, it’s easy to create the most comfortable solution that best suits your environment.

Practicality is often neglected, but it is one of the crucial factors so you can make the most of your new sofa for years to come. Practicality is closely related to the functions of the sofa and its ability to meet any relaxation requirement.

Our Masù sofa, for example has a manual relaxation mechanism to move the backrests upwards, increasing the comfort and depth of the seats.

If you have a large living space available, consider sectioning the room into separate areas by choosing an L-shaped sofa, such as Plaza by Egoitaliano. Modular and almost monumental, Plaza naturally defines the environment with its square or rectangular poufs, which make this model unique.

If your space is smaller, a more compact sofa such as Feng with its minimalistic, ’70s-inspired lines, might be more suitable. Its elegant, sleek metal legs elongate the sofa, making it lighter and more stylish.

Choosing the right material

Divano su misura Feng modello angolare minimal, Egoitaliano And now the fun part: turning your custom made sofa into the truest expression of your style…choosing upholstery and details!

Egoitaliano offers a huge collection of fabrics and leathers: more than 550 shades  to choose from to make your sofa a tailor-made product that embodies your true style.

The customisation does not stop with the upholstery: the structures and the legs can be selected from the many wood and metal finishes in the catalogue. Because at Egoitaliano we know that every detail is essential in your furnishing project.

Last but not least… Quality with a capital “Q”

When you choose a custom-made sofa, you want it to last a lifetime. It sounds like the beginning of a ’50s commercial… but actually, a custom-made sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture you will have, and should last for years; for this reason you should choose one that will stand the test of time.
Egoitaliano designs and builds quality sofas with the artistry, expertise, and attention to detail that characterise the best production Made in Italy. A custom sofa by Egoitaliano will change the look of your living room and will satisfy all your needs for practicality, comfort and style.


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