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Nefele sofa: the design news presented at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023

egomag egoitaliano Nefele sofa: the design news presented at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023

The sofa that is a cloud

Nefele is the design news previewed at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023. Designed by Giulio Manzoni, the Nefele sofa draws inspiration from the clouds, whose shape, lightness, and soft comfort it reproduces.

Produced in a limited edition, Nefele, which takes its name from the cloud nymph, is a design sofa made with innovative production techniques
that give substance to the most impalpable thing in nature: clouds.

Pop spirit and sartorial research

Ethereal natural elements, clouds are constantly changing shape, colour, and perspective. Similarly, the Nefele sofa, in its solid comfort, is upholstered with an exclusive two-elastic high-pile fabric that creates plays of light and shadow as a result of the fabric’s three-dimensional design.
The connection with nature is also underlined by the nuances in which the sofa is presented: four colours with evocative names (Snow, Dawn, Neptune and Aurora.) and inspired by different times of day.

Besides being impalpable natural elements, clouds are well present and rooted in contemporary pop culture. The playful, young shape of the Nefele sofa best interprets the unconventional spirit that has always been the brand’s hallmark. But thanks to Nefele, the pop spirit also translates into a great deal of research and study of materials and fabrics, an evolution of the tailoring tradition in which Egoitaliano has its roots as a brand linked to craftsmanship and the experience of savoir-faire typical of made in Italy.

Nefele, protagonist of the living room

Pop, young and sartorial, Nefele is the Egoitaliano sofa that condenses the brand’s soul, spirit, and concreteness, which is always in search of stylistic news that are able to amaze not only for the lines but also for the concepts and manufacturing techniques used.

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