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The PETRA carpet collection is a homage to the eponymous Ancient City of Jordan, which is inspired by the palette of twelve colors that turns from warm earth tones, such as brick and sand, to cold ones such as blue and gray. A distinctive feature of the products is the composition of natural fibres such as cotton and tencel, made from eucalyptus pulp. Tencel fibers have a particularly smooth and silky surface that warms and at the same time gives a breathable effect.

DIMENSIONS: 300×400 cm, 200×300 cm, 170×240 cm, or customizable dimensions on request. Processing technique: hand loom.
COMPOSITION: Cotton 10%, Tencel 90%.


COLORS: Moon Grey, Stone Grey, Iced Grey, Musk Brown, Taupe, Sand, Terracotta, Red Marsala, Yellow Gold, Blue. Atlantic, Dusty Pink, Green Ash.